Finally, Get A Better Sleep Tonight!
Due to an incredibly common micronutrient deficiency you could manage your blue light exposure perfectly and still not get the restorative sleep you need.

The easiest, most simple and cost-effective thing you can do for your sleep right now (besides limiting blue light) is to supplement with a unique mineral nearly everyone is missing.

You don’t have “sleep issues” your body is simply crying out for more Magnesium. 

Most people are profoundly deficient in this crucial micronutrient due to an industrialized food supply chain and this leads to compromised sleep. 

You Don’t Have “Sleep Issues” Your Body Is Simply Crying Out For More Magnesium.
Most people are profoundly deficient in this crucial micronutrient due to an industrialized food supply chain and this leads to compromised sleep. 

Do you struggle with either of these: 
  • Anxiety and mental calmness during the day? 
  • Or are you "relaxed enough" during the day but have trouble winding down and sleeping or staying asleep at night?
These are both signs of this shockingly common, yet hidden deficiency. 

The Best Type of Magnesium for Sleep

Supplementing with Magnesium is literally one of the cheapest and most effective ways to ignite your body's own self-healing capability. 
A recent study showed nearly 80% of North Americans are deficient in Magnesium
If your cells are lacking the magnesium they need to do their jobs, you're upsetting over 300 crucial enzymatic processes in your body. 

This in turn will prevent you from getting quality sleep. 

You would think that you could just go out and buy any old magnesium supplement and that would be just fine. The thing is, there are many forms of Magnesium, and they all have different characteristics. 

On top of that, some forms are highly bioavailable to your cells while others can have as little as a 1% conversion rate to a useable form in your body.

This means that you excrete over 90% of the magnesium you take, and what doesn't get excreted can overload your detox pathways and accumulate in your fatty tissue over time.

So you could be taking store bought magnesium but only getting 1% of the benefit!
If you're looking for the most Energy & Sleep benefits possible from magnesium you need to look into "Bioavailability".

Bioavailability matters, so it might not be such a great idea to run out and buy the first magnesium supplement you can get your hands on. 

Keep reading to learn about a very little-known type of magnesium (with HUGE secondary benefits) that is the most bioavailable form of all. 
Using A Bioavailable Magnesium Is Extremely Important If You Want To Have The Best, Most Restorative Sleep Possible 
Magnesium that has Low Bioavailability is larger in size and lacks the proper electrical charge. 

Extra work must be done by your body to dismantle it into smaller parts and add an electrical charge in order to cross your cell membranes to get to where it's needed the most. 

The conversion process of the magnesium into a useable form costs you energy. 

Magnesium that has High Bioavailability requires no work on your body's part and slips right through your cell membranes to the inside of your cells, where it's most needed for critical enzymatic and energy production processes. 

This type of magnesium is much smaller in size and has just the right electrical charge that allows it to effortlessly pass through your cell membranes. No extra work is required to break it down any further. 

This mineral form is called "Ionic" and it's pretty hard to find. 

Well these days anyway

In the past we found ionic forms of magnesium in our food supply. 

Sadly, modern farming practices have killed most of the beneficial fungi that convert inorganic minerals found in the soil into the organic (Ionic) usable form by plants. 

Plants are at the bottom of the food chain. If they lack minerals, the rest of your food is going to lack minerals as well. 

There is a very unique way to get just the right amount of Ionic Magnesium for deeper more restful sleep and more energy during the day. 

It's pretty neat and has some huge secondary benefits as well. 

I also think it's pretty cool that it's "big in Japan"...makes sense as they're one of the longest-lived societies in the world...

Here's What We've Covered So Far:

  • Supplemental Magnesium is good
  • ​Your body has to do a LOT of work to make even this type Bioavailable
  • ​The most Bioavailable form of Magnesium is Ionic
  • ​Ionic Magnesium effortlessly flows to the inside of your cells, profoundly correcting any deficiencies and promoting deep, restful sleep
This also means no extra work is needed by your already overtaxed cells, so you require far less Ionic Magnesium per dose and excess amounts don't lodge in your fatty tissues over time, causing downstream toxicity effects like weight loss resistance.


Ok, that was about as simple as I could make it!

Now it's time to move onwards: You may be thinking "look, just tell me already!" or "what the heck is so big in Japan that's related to this?"

Cool, I got you:

It's something called Molecular Hydrogen, and the Japanese blazed the trails for us on this one. They have a 52% Molecular Hydrogen usage rate nationwide, which is remarkable.

There are now over 1,000 published studies on Molecular Hydrogen and its amazing cellular repair benefits.

The easiest way to explain Molecular Hydrogen (H2, for short) is this:
Have you ever heard of natural healing springs?
Well, a team of Japanese scientists traveled around the world testing these famous springs.

The one thing they all had in common? A higher than normal amount of dissolved H2.

Molecular Hydrogen is the most potent antioxidant in existence.

The hydrogen molecule is tiny, and not only goes inside your cells, it goes right inside your mitochondria, repairing and protecting them from oxidative damage.

Whatever that cell is there to do, it's now able to do it better and for a longer period of time.

Neat right?!

So how does Magnesium tie into this?

Well the rock the water rushed past in those famous springs contained a high magnesium content. Water reacts with magnesium to produce Molecular Hydrogen.

But there's also some magnesium left over in the water once the reaction is done.
Molecular Hydrogen Converts Into Ionic Magnesium, the most Bioavailable form there is!
Now for the really cool part:

Within the last few years a "made in USA" manufacturer figured out how to make a little tablet that fizzes when you drop it in a bottle of water.

The fizzing is the special type of pharmaceutical grade magnesium reacting with the water to produce Molecular Hydrogen AND Ionic Magnesium.

Drink a bottle of this and you get two remarkable health benefits:
  • You're getting Ionic Magnesium delivered straight to your cells where it's needed with no side effects so you will sleep better at night
  • You're also getting the repair action of H2 delivered to your cell’s powerhouses, the mitochondria, profoundly resetting your health at a fundamental level and combating inflammation throughout your body.
Imagine drinking one bottle of Hydrogen Rich Water at night, and not only getting the Magnesium you need to get a great sleep, but having trillions of free-radical scavenging Hydrogen molecules doing cellular repair work all night long.

Some Japanese call it "anti-aging in a bottle" and as hyped as that sounds, once you read a few clinical studies you'll realize they're right - at least on a cellular level. 

H2 literally turns back the clock on cellular aging.

Anyhow, that's what I do in the evening:

Pop a couple of AquaH2 Tablets in a bottle of water and drink it down before bed-this way I'm getting both the Ionic Magnesium I need for restful sleep & the cellular repair action of the Molecular Hydrogen.

P.S.-Not only will this help you get a more restorative, restful and deep sleep but Stress "burns" the Magnesium in your body and uses it up. If you're feeling stressed physically or psychologically, you must get some Bioavailable Magnesium in your system. 

P.P.S.-I am working with Aqua H2 as the manufacturer because they are made in the USA AND they are the only hydrogen tablet company that uses nitrogen-flushed individually sealed tablets in packets vs loose in a bottle. This expensive manufacturing process maintains full potency of the tablets, unlike bottled tablets with react with humidity in the air and lose effectiveness each time the bottle is opened.

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